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In this 3 part, 42:00 videos series Coach Caryl Smith-Gilbert answers numerous questions related to how she trains sprinters & hurdlers in her highly successful USC sprint program. Topics include: Preparing athletes for high workloads, strength endurance progressions, the use of sprint resistance devices, weight room training, her experiences with hamstring strengthening, her speed training progressions used at USC, post-injury training, working with Andre DeGrasse, technical instruction for long sprinters, race strategies for the 200m, hill running, the perils of sprint drills for hurdlers, hurdle race strategies, training hurdle heights & distances, take-off & touchdown distances, maintaining elastic strength qualities when developing absolute strength, training organization with large athlete groups and the importance of proper trunk strength training in pelvic posture when sprinting. A must-watch for sprint coaches anywhere.

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    2019 ICAE Lecture Series with Caryl Smith-Gilbert: Sprint / Hurdle Q&A

    • Caryl Smith-Gilbert: Sprint / Hurdle Q&A Part 1

    • Caryl Smith-Gilbert: Sprint / Hurdle Q&A Part 2

    • Caryl Smith-Gilbert: Sprint / Hurdle Q&A Part 3

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International Sprint Coach, Director of Track & Field (M & W), USC Trojans

Caryl Smith-Gilbert

Writing a comprehensive yet brief bio for Caryl Smith – Gilbert is not easy. There are so many impressive statistics it is hard to choose one from another. So just know this: She is one of the top active sprint coaches in the world today, period. She is one of the most successful sprint coaches in US Collegiate history, period. In the NCAA she has coached athletes to 7 National Records, 22 National Titles and 1 Team Title. Her many Collegiate honors include National Coach of the Year, Women's Conference Coach of the Year (9 times) and Men's Conference Coach of the Year. Her International successes include: Dee Dee Trotter (2012 Olympic Bronze, 400m & Gold, 4x400m relay), Tianna Madison (2005 World Championships Gold, Long Jump), Andre DeGrasse (2015 World Championships bronze, 100m), Rai Benjamin (#3 All-Time 400m Hurdles), current World Men's Indoor 400m Record Holder Michael Norman and the Current World Men's Indoor 4 x 400m Relay World Record Holders. Impressive.

42:00 3 part video

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