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This 6 video series by one of the leading practitioners in velocity based training methods is a perfect primer for those wishing to either introduce VBT into their current practice or upskill their current use with more advanced techniques. Dr. Young shares his vast experience using VBT, covering both basic and advanced concepts such as: the benefits / drawbacks of traditional methodology vs. VBT, basic metrics in VBT, the velocity-load relationship, using peak vs. average values, the effects of exercise & experience on data values, power vs. strength movement considerations, driving intent & motivational uses, immediate augmented feedback techniques, testing & auto regulation. This is a highly valuable lecture for any coach wishing to stay current on the latest training advances and techniques.

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  • Mike Young

    International Expert in Athletics, Biomechanics, Velocity-Based Training & Strength / PowerTraining

    Mike Young

    Dr. Mike Young is the Director of Performance at Athletic Lab Sports Performance Training Center, Head Coach of the Athletic Lab Track Club and the Performance Director for the North Carolina Courage and the North Carolina FC professional football clubs. He has more than 20 years' experience working in the private sector, professional team and collegiate sports environments, both as a track & field and strength and conditioning coach. In the sport of track & field, he won 6 team NCAA championships while coaching at LSU. With the Athletic Lab Track Club, Young has coached 15 athletes across 11 different events to 32 USATF National Championship appearances including 19 finalists; 5 podium finishes and 4 national champions in addition to 3 World Championship or Olympic Games competitors. In team sports, Young has been the Performance Director for 4 professional soccer clubs (including the Vancouver Whitecaps) that have won a total of 4 regular season shields and 3 championships. Young has been a regular consultant for some of the top sports teams in the world including 4 World Cup Rugby teams and 3 Premier League Soccer clubs and has prepared dozens of athletes for NFL combine and Pro-Days.

57:00+ with slide overlays.

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