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This 6 part, 72:00 video series offers one of the world’s top endurance running coaches in the weight room explaining his philosophies around strength training for endurance athletes and distance runners and giving practical examples of what exercises to use & how to execute them. Terrence starts off by discussing the importance of strength training then touches upon how he periodizes aspects of his strength training program such as tempo lifting & time under tension, ROM improvement through strength exercises, assessing & analyzing strength & movement in athletes in the weight room, overuse of “corrective exercises”, introducing strength routines in weak athletes, using the PUSH band to assess 1RM, strength & bone density issues, intensity zones for weight room work and other various strategies / issues important in the development of strength programs for his athletes. In addition, he walks his audience through a number of specific strength exercises, discussing the purpose and technique of each. An outstanding, comprehensive look at what endurance & distance running coaches need to know to implement a strength program into their training.

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    2019 ICAE Lecture Series with Terrence Mahon: Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session)

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 1

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 2

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 3

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 4

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 5

    • Strength Training for Endurance Athletes (Practical Session) Part 6

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International Endurance Coach & Educator

Terrence Mahon

Terrence Mahon is one of the top endurance coaches in the world, and one of the key coaches responsible for bringing US distance running back to the forefront of international success. Terrence's success has been largely due to his specific emphasis on the total integration of sports science, strength & conditioning and sports therapy into his athlete's training regimes. His extensive background and research into the implementation of high altitude training and performance nutrition within the athlete's overall training program makes him one of the most sought after and respected minds in endurance training circles. His list of coaching accomplishments is extensive and includes multiple American and European National Record Holders, Major Marathon Champions, (Chicago, NYC, London), US National Champions and many Olympic & World Champion Finalists, including: Deena Kastor (3 time Olympian, 2004 Bronze Medalist), Lynsey Sharp (3 time World Championships Performer & Finalist, 2 time Olympian & European Champion), Chris O'Hare (3 time World Championships Performer, 2016 Olympian, European Medalist) & Jen Rhines (3 time Olympian & Finalist 5,000m 10,000m & Marathon).

72:00+ with slide overlays.

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