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This 7 part, 80:00 minute lecture by one of the world’s top discus throwing coaches, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson, is a comprehensive look at how to design a strength program for athletes that need maximum strength & power. Vesteinn begins by discussing his overall philosophy on strength and the core 4 elements of his programming & training principles. From there he goes on to cover: general periodization models, a 4 year strength plan overview, annual plan overview, training organization (characteristics of the monthly cycle), macrocycles & mezocycles, a weekly cycle of total volumes & intensities (from G. Kanter’s program), his own classification of strength, exercise patterns, capacities & working loads, training frequency & recovery periods, exercise order, working from RM, tempo & rest, training methods for Olympic lifts / power lifts, periodization for Olympic lifts / power lifts and tonnage for Olympic lifts / power lifts. The final 2 videos cover more elite concepts in strength (eccentrics, etc…), 4 different exercise complex-sequences he uses in the training of this athletes & peaking & competition preparation. A must-watch for those involved in sports that require high levels of strength & power.

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    2019 ICAE Lecture Series with Vesteinn Hafsteinsson: Strength Periodization & Strategies

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 1

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 2

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 3

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 4

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 5

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 6

    • Strength Periodization & Strategies Part 7

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International Throwing Coach and Educator, Coach of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter

Vesteinn Hafsteinsson

In the world of throwing things, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson needs no introduction. He is one of the World’s greatest throws coaches and athletics educators. His coaching practice and professional presentations offer a perfect balance of ‘nuts and bolts’ practicality and sport science validation. This has made him among the most sought-after lecturers in the shot put, discus and power-speed strength training areas in the world today, and his coaching results validate this rank: Coach of Olympic & World Champion Gerd Kanter ( Discus, 73.38m. 2x Olympic Medalist, 5x World Championships Medalist ), World Champion Daniel Stahl (Discus, 71.86m) and Olympic Silver Medalist Joachim Olsen (Shot Put, 21.61m).

80:00+ with slide overlays.

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