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This 6 video series is a very detailed and comprehensive Masterclass on discus throw mechanics & technique by one of the world's top authorities on the subject, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson. Vesteinn is the coach of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter & World Champion Daniel Stahl, among other successful throwers (see bio below). This extensive lecture covers every aspect of discus throw mechanics including: a step by step breakdown of the essential elements of DT technique, a full analysis of Daniel Stahl's technique, explanation of Vesteinn's LRLR concept of discus throwing, his 5 step progression for teaching the discus AND not one but TWO full frame-by-frame comparative analyses of 6 of the top active throwers in the world; 3 men (Stahl, Andrius Gudzius & Fedrick Dacres) and 3 women (Sandra Perkovic, Dani Stevens & Melina Robert-Michon). This lecture is essential to any serious student or coach of discus throw.

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  • Vesteinn Hafsteinsson

    International Throwing Coach and Educator, Coach of Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter

    Vesteinn Hafsteinsson

    In the world of throwing things, Vesteinn Hafsteinsson needs no introduction. He is one of the World’s greatest throws coaches and athletics educators. His coaching practice and professional presentations offer a perfect balance of ‘nuts and bolts’ practicality and sport science validation. This has made him among the most sought-after lecturers in the shot put, discus and power-speed strength training areas in the world today, and his coaching results validate this rank: Coach of Olympic & World Champion Gerd Kanter ( Discus, 73.38m. 2x Olympic Medalist, 5x World Championships Medalist ), World Champion Daniel Stahl (Discus, 71.86m) and Olympic Silver Medalist Joachim Olsen (Shot Put, 21.61m).

71:00+ with slide and video overlays.

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