Finally, a course in implementing one of the world's great training methodologies.

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  • This course is the first time the Bondarchuk system has been offered in a practical, comprehensive, online format.

    This course is intended to be a practical companion to Dr. Bondarchuk's written works. We will teach you exactly 'how to' implement the Bondarchuk system of training athletes for different individual and team sports. You will get not only the theory behind the system but so much more, including: practical explanations of methods, numerous program design examples and 'walk throughs' for various sports, detailed strategies for periodization techniques, exercise selection / transfer strategies and instruction on data collection and measurables analysis.

  • The World's Most Individualized Methodology.

    What makes the Bondarchuk system unique? Simple: First, the length of training cycles (and their peaks) are designed around an athlete's inherent and individual peaking response, rather than forcing an athlete to respond to a predetermined schedule. Second, an athlete's individual "peculiarities" in response to a static loading scheme further customize the training blueprint. Third, rather than wave-loading volume and intensity, exercise set and structure change are used to drive adaptation, rather than the wave loading of volume & intensity. This course will show you how all of this is done.

  • Put it all together!

    What do you get? Lots. Using written materials and many teaching videos / graphic presentations, this course covers every aspect of how to implement the Bondarchuk system of monitoring & training athletes. We take you through the theoretical and practical implications of designing and using the Bondarchuk system to produce winning athletes. Many practical examples are given and through exclusive online discussion with Derek and Dr. B we will help you succeed in your performance goals. While everything you need to know to implement the system is included in this course, students will also receive a discount when ordering Dr. B's books through the links below.

Bondarchuk Course Curriculum

There are a number of sections to this course.

Course Introduction

Whether you are taking the course or still deciding, watch this introduction to the course content, outline and benefits to taking the Bondarchuk Training System Course.

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Course Developers

  • Derek Evely

    Owner, Eveltrak Sports Consulting

    Derek Evely

    Derek Evely is a sport educator and expert in the Bondarchuk methodology and elite training systems. He brought Dr. Bondarchuk to North America in 2005 and has worked closely with him ever since. He has used the system to produce successful athletes across all events in athletics, refining the principles and methods to the North American style of coaching.
  • Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

    Olympic Coach, Sport Scientist

    Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk

    World-leading coach, athlete and sport scientist Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk has an unprecedented resume in global sports. As an athlete he was the Olympic Champion in the hammer throw in 1972 and the bronze medalist in 1976. As a coach, he has mentored over 40 elite calibre athletes to 105 International Championship medals. Six of these athletes have earned 24 medals in various World Cup, World Championship & Olympic Games competitions. As a sport scientist, Dr. Bondarchuk developed his own unique system of developing athletes, one based upon an athlete's individual response to a training stimulus rather than using a calendar-based approach. Based upon over 30 years of his own research on Soviet athletes, it is truly one of the most enlightening and intriguing methods of training in the world today.