Can Handle Anything Thrown At It (watch this video).

Steel Hammers, Shots, Discs & Javelins.

The Tarp That's Designed To Hold Up

  • Tough

    The tarp is made of specialty fabric that will withstand years of typical impact abuse (will withstand even relatively blunt javelins). Hammer handles and wires will not catch in this fabric thus you can throw regular outdoor hammers into this material. These will withstand the abuse that conveyor belting will take but at a fraction of the weight. They will hang as easily as netting but will absorb the impact much more readily with less movement than netting, thus conserving space.

  • Flexible

    The tarps are made from individual panels that can be added or subtracted as per one’s needs. Each panel adds 20” of width to the tarp. The panels are attached using heavy duty industrial 4” wide hook and loop fasteners which will not come apart in even the most aggressive impacts. For those with real aggressive throwers, optional fastening hardware is available to ensure a long lasting performance.

  • Create Efficiencies

    The ability to throw into a tarp creates opportunities for technical work that may not be available otherwise. These tarps make use of small spaces where needed and can be made to fit the largest configurations. They are also effective when measurement needs to be removed from the equation to focus on specific technical aspects of your athlete's throwing.

How To Order \ Get More Information

Contact Derek at [email protected]

Whether you need complete 360° protection or simply an impact hotspot, we work with all clients on design, positioning and installation to ensure that their EvelTarp is designed with your facility requirements in mind.


University of Kentucky, University of Missouri, Montana Tech and Spire Academy all use an EvelTarp with their athletes.

University of Kentucky 30’ x 25’

University of Missouri tarp during install: 40’ x 25‘

Private installation, Bolingbrook, Illinois: 12‘ x 12‘ retractable for shot and discus.